When Live Goes Live: Hey Mom, watch my reality TV show!

I just live streamed Dr. MaryFriend Sheperd teaching about how to split cooperative learning into groups. (permission) Watch the video here.

I'm looking for the archived chat in there. You can see my channel at http://ustream.tv/channel/cool-cat-teacher-tv.

I have a couple of wishes:
  • Private channels (viewable only by friends.)
  • The ability to download and edit the video
  • A private network for educators.
Oh, I really just don't know how to think about this. Things are changing so quickly. I did this over wifi on a laptop with a $90 Logitech Quick Cam Fusion.

Hey, Mom, I have my own TV channel.

Here are some RSS feeds for these streams:
Me - http://ustream.tv/coolcatteacher-videos.rss
Will Richardson - http://ustream.tv/willrich45-videos.rss

(Hey guys, vlogging just got a whole lot easier -- you can live vlog and then it archives. Oh my goodness!)

I think this should be in acceptable use policies, however, remember you can block ustream, however live streaming on cell phones is coming rapidly. We must deal with the behaviors so students know how to behave ethically with this.

Oh, what should I think. I feel some contemplation time coming.

Oh, and thanks to Claudia Ceraso for forwarding the chat archive:

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