Dean Shareski Teaches us How to Use Green Screen

Link to Dean's Viddler Video

Dean Shareski's keynote captivated my two classes. Many of them commented on the wiki, and Dean did a great service to all of us by sharing how he did the Flat Classroom keynote (and blogging it.)

This is great, because he has modeled and shown them the power of asking and collaboration and connection! Dean, you are great!!

If you're using video at all, this is a must see. I don't have any money in my budget, but somehow I'm going to figure out how to get Adobe Premier elements or Pinnacle Studio (I have 10 but would have to buy an upgrade) and a green screen. I want to do this!

And he even showed how they can green screen and put both of them on the same screen. Now wouldn't that be cool.

Thanks, Dean! You inspire in so many ways.

I wish I wish I wish I could do green screen. How?

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