Animated Fourth Graders: Harriet Tubman Animation

I just found ps233techteacher and I LOVE the site. If you're in elementary ed, you should take a look at the amazing work being done by this school.

View their Harriet Tubman Animated Video shared on the TechConnect Blog on edublogs.

What I like best is the comments from the students as they reflected:

"Amber: “I really enjoyed working on this animation project.One reason was because me and my partner both communicated with each other pretty well so we were able to finish the work that we did.Me and Halina both did a equal amount of work so it was fair.While we worked on our animation it was fun because we actually got to learn some things about the history of Harriet Tubman.I thought we did a very good job.”

Halina: “I liked the animation a lot. In the beginning we had trouble, as we moved on we got better at it.I enjoyed working with Amber. I like to do animations now.I wish to do another animation with Amber because it was easy for us because we agreed with each other. If I could do another animation it would be about my experience doing my first animation.I had a lot of fun.”

What a great learning experience! Please watch their video and leave a message at the original blog post to encourage these students! ( I found this blog because the teacher had linked to me and was following some backlinks today! Wow!)

How did they do that?

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