Math Videos and Math Cast Innovation in Sixth grade

A big hat tip to Eric Marcos, sixth grade math teacher at Lincoln Middle School in California.

His video overview of the work of his students is inspiring

He and his students have co created the Math Train Podcast and Math Train TV.

Mathtrain TV is a "free educational kids teaching kids project" created by he and his kids.

I love these videos like this area of a target circle problem.

I have so many questions that I want to ask Eric! How did he set up the site? How did he do it? What does he do to record video? (There is no ambient noise in the background!) Eric also has a great website with an overview of information about him and he will be presenting at Alan November's BLC conference this summer. (I tried to link to Alan's blog -- does he not blog any more?)

I'm going to profile as many TEACHERS as I can find over the next 3 weeks of total craziness.

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