What is Link Love? Why does it make a difference to bloggers?

Like many bloggers, I rethink everything I do here so much. This vacation was no exception.

But when I came home to see this link on my rss reader, it brought tears to my eyes.

Bloggers, beginners, and anyone creating a Web 2.0 website, links mean a lot to bloggers. And this link is especially precious because it is what I aspire to be.

So, I want to give a shout out to all of you who commented while I was away (I'll be responding soon) and to all of those who offer encouragement.

Thank you perkone, we all need encouragement sometimes. I just want to make sure that I return the favor.

I hope you'll take some time this week to find a blogger who needs encouragement (I love to find beginning bloggers) and comment or link to their blog.

Many people don't understand how the technorati authority rating system works. The Authority rating system is determined by how many BLOGS have linked to you not how many links have.

This is why I have a long blogroll and it will get longer soon when I update it to pull from the education folder in my google reader, which has a lot of new bloggers in it.

Using an automatic list from your feed reader lets you add new people automatically and help those in the edublogosphere climb in authority.

Although many people don't like the technorati authority system, for now it is what we've got. (See Scott McLeod's recent post on the top Edublogs -- it is based on Technorati Authority ratings.)

Really, I think the most important thing about it is that I want to help people who are not sponsored by anyone but just blogging as individuals climb in the rankings because teachers with more authority in the blogosphere will soon have more authority in their offline world. (As soon as people really understand what blogs are -- and it is happening as we speak.)

So, give a little link love and help others climb in their authority. But to do it, you've got to have a blog! ;-)

Now, I will tell you that I don't really like the linkshare services. I think that someone's blog roll should mean something. Unfortunately, many bloggers do that sort of thing which makes it harder for average every day folk to climb in authority.

It is not a perfect system but understanding how it works may affect how you set up your linkroll.

If you want to help edubloggers and like them, the nicest thing you can do is to link to them.

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