A photographic journey into plurk: See for yourself before you jump the twittership

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I chronicled my trip from Twitter frustration to curiosity about plurk. Follow the journey. However, as you can tell, my recommendation is, don't jump the twitter ship yet.

Plurk isn't instant, you can't import your e-mail, although it says you can. There are features in there that just don't work, and yet plurk doesn't say it is in "beta." I really like the interface of twitter better.

My thought: hang tight and see if twitter can get its act together. Use Summize to see one's replies by typing in @yourid -- just remember, this will only show you replies of people who are on the public timeline.

For right now, twitter is like a bad boyfriend: you're crazy about him but he's just not there when you need him. He's still the best one I've got for now. Maybe he'll fix his wandering ways and shape up!

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