Help my friend Scott, we need your clicks

A friend of mine from high school, Scott Rigsby, is the first double amputee to complete an iron man in history.

We did an amazing interview with him on Wow2 a while back and I've blogged about him before. I'm asking you to do me a favor, he is in the running for the "Energizer Keep going Hall of Fame" but it is determined by votes.

You may vote here
once a day until July 26. (and read more about the contest)

Please help me help him win this! I appreciate it very much! Scott is an inspiration (as are the others who are finalists.) The difference is that I know Scott and his journey out of addiction to pain pills and depression in order to get where he is today -- to run his first iron man at 40 on prosthetic legs -- wow!

Thank you! I would consider this a favor to me if you would pass this along!

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