Let's look at Miguel's Idea: Positive Screensaver for Ed?

I'm fascinated by Miguel's Idea and wondering how it can best be done.

Miguel says:

"So, it occurs to me as I skim through the images in PassionQuilt08 on Flickr...what about a screensaver made of all these positive images? Wouldn't that be a conversation starter?

The only problem...I'm not sure how to best go about this. Create a folder, drop the images in there, and then point your screensaver software to it? Thoughts?"

I think that the trick would be to have automatic updates and perusing the Internet, something like PhotoCafe might do that.

Just thought I'd repeat Miguel's call and also ask Miguel -- what about photo spam? Would it be better to have a moderated group so that when new photos are downloaded that someone is moderating them?

Should we have a moderated photo group and some way to have an automated screensaver from them. Would it eat up a lot of resources?

I don't know, but I would be interested in having some up to date screensaver that is motivational on the computers of my students like this. Just thinking out loud.

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