Lively Loud Reading Fun with the Crazy Professor's Reading Game (4th grade)

I really enjoyed this video. I know that he's marketing his services, but I love the lively, excited, LOUD atmosphere in the classroom. (It kind of reminds me of my own.)

I think that often administrators love to see quiet, orderly, reading students in a classroom and that a teacher might even get in trouble for this classroom!

I really enjoyed this. Has anyone ever used a reading game like this.

I do think that we have to get out of our mode of thinking that a teacher is at the front and the students are quietly listening. Sometimes an active, chaotic, bodily kinestic engaged, loud environment IS the most conducive to learning.

Now, I know that this is a video that they have made, but I still believe that the good classrooms is really loud a lot of times. Cool video!

And watch it until the end... the summarizations are VERY powerful! (Funny at the end how to teach the class to be quiet with the volumeometer.)

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