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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Could FriendFeed be used as StudentFeed?

A look inside friendfeed.

I've used friendfeed some, as much to keep all of my stuff "together" as anything else. There are things I like and dislike about the service, but this interview with the founder of Friendfeed by my favorite web guru, Jeremiah pretty much summarizes the service.

It really does a pretty good job of aggregating all of the stuff I do.

I've wondered if with all of the youtube channels, rss feeds, etc. what it would be like to set up a "studentfeed" of sorts. I wish I could compartmentalize it and remove it from the other things. I think this format is very easy and if the students put their feeds together for the teachers it would make it a bit easier.

I wouldn't want it to be publicly available, though. A big obstacle to more teachers using Web 2 is still the RSS reader that many teachers cannot get their arms around. It seems geeky and they don't get it until a great professional developer walks them through igoogle or netvibes set up. Still, some don't really understand how to add to their pages.

Part of why I am able to innovate in the classroom is that I do "play" with a lot of tools -- sort of a personal R&D. I always believe that we must play before we produce.

This is one of those services I'm kind of tinkering with a little. Not ready to get hyper and excited yet, but it is kind of cool.

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