Daily Education & Technology News for Schools 04/14/2011

  • Steve Hargadon, and incredible leader in education and ambassador for Elluminate is a dear friend and someone I admire very much. He is branching out as the acquisition of Elluminate by Blackboard has sort of left him with only a part time position. Those that find themselves lucky enough to work with Steve are blessed indeed.

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  • Would love my accessibility experts to test this "dyxlexia screener" online. Does it work? Is it accurate?

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  • Advanced search overview from Michael Gorman.

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  • Nice post from my computer science go-to guy in education- Alfred Thompson. He contemplates why a college like Stanford is seeing a growth in Computer Science while high schools aren't. Interesting conversation and one we need to be having -- computer science jobs are some of the few that they just can't seem to staff fast enough.

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  • Nice article at Edutopia by Thom Markam.My favorite quote about pbl is:

    "But its ultimate benefit is to help students think, learn, and operate in the new century by challenging them at deeper levels. That requires reversing the equation between skills and content: PBL is method for teaching students to find, process, understand, and share information, not a way to extend the industrial landscape of regurgitation and recall."

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  • From Daniela Birch, Education Community Coordinator for Adobe that is helping me learn about the new Adobe Education Leader program that has allowed me to join and participate (very excited about the potential learning I can get there as we are heavy users of PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, and I'm a bit rusty on Flash.)

    From Daniela

    Hi Y’All-

    MIT and the Smithsonian have created a two-month-long online game for students that involves games and discovery along with collaboration to uncover messages from the future and solve a mystery. This highly engaging project was built using Flex and Flash, which is what is what put us in touch with the developers.

    Encourage your students to explore this.Thousands have already begun participating, many as individuals and many as a part of their classwork.



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  • Learning analytics presentation (a trend from the Horizon 2011 report) from George Siemens.

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  • This is an excellent use of technology for math, statistics, and information literacy!

    Watch ideas and concepts come to life as you solve each of the challenge questions by exploring interactive Demonstrations. Answering eight questions correctly earns you a chance to win great prizes, including:
    GRAND PRIZE: A copy of the computational supertool Mathematica 8,
    a $300 ThinkGeek gift card + a Wolfram Spikey sculpture kit
    2ND–4TH PLACE: $100 ThinkGeek gift cards + a Wolfram Spikey sculpture kit
    FIRST 100 CORRECT SUBMISSIONS: Our sought-after Wolfram Spikey sculpture kit
    Hurry! The contest ends April 18, 2011.
    Sign up today »

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  • Kindle kids corner is on facebook and the students are reviewing books. We're planning to add some schools in the future - we have over 20 that have applied to join us!

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