Thank you to everyone who voted for Julie! She won! #votejulie

Terry Freedman Julie LindsayImage by Terry Freedman via Flickr
Julie with our dear friend Terry Freedman from the UK.
Just up on the ISTE website, my dear friend and Flat Classroom co-founder, Julie Lindsay, is now an ISTE board member. Thank you to everyone who supported her run.

And most of all, thank you to Julie who let herself run again. This was her third run. Most people give up after the first time. This is certainly one thing that characterizes Julie - she never gives up and persists.

How would your life be different if you just did something ONE MORE TIME?

Thank you to the network of Tweeters, bloggers, and teachers. Although this means I'll see less of Julie, I think that she will do great work on the ISTE board.
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