Give me a Hand

 I found this copy of my youngest son's hand on my desk in the office this morning. I'm running to get dressed in time to make it to school so I can get grades in the system for progress reports.

It made me smile. As we watched the amazing golf classic, the Greatest Game Ever Played last week, we talked about the power that the 10 year old caddy had on the golfer with his amazing optimism and encouragement.

As I read Merlin Mann's beautiful post over the weekend, I see how his baby daughter has squeezed some of the most amazing music out of her tough Dad.

My family is my hand. They give me a hand as they love, hug, and accept me. May I never place any technology or anything above them for the time is fleeting.

I cried Saturday as my sixteen year old borrowed the car for the first time. Praying for God to bring him home and struck with the idiocy of myself that I never understood the tough-ness of a parent letting go. Holding that baby in your arms and nursing them and waking up - that is tough. But watching my 6'5" strapping 16 year old drive out of the driveway -- that, my friends was heart rending.

Raising these kids. It is is my life. It is my love. It is important to me to be kind to them every day. I want them to know that I love them because I won't last forever. They won't either but they'll probably last longer than me. And when they do and the only remaining parts of me are living in their minds I want them to know that I loved them with a fire and verve of one of the greatest love stories ever told. That of a mother to her sons and daughter. That of a wife and husband who are in the throes of agony as we work through raising our teenagers. And yet, they give us a hand.

The question is - when we are gone will they give us a hand? Will they be glad for what we left? Will we have "done right" by the future generation? For whatever hand we give our children is likely to be similar to that they give their own. Hands move through generations.

As you ponder today, ask yourself what kind of hand you give your children? Is it one you are proud of? Like most of us, it probably isn't perfect. You can probably do better. Write down one thing you can do tonight to be kind to each member of your family. Go home and do it.

Give 'em a hand.

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