Kindle Kids Corner now on Facebook: Kids Need to Write Web content

The fact is that most students will be writing web content as part of their future careers and academic pursuits and understanding the unique nature of writing for the web is vital. Westwood continues to lead and innovate in all areas of social media in schools. We're very proud of Deana Rogers and Betty Shiver and all they are doing in this area. Vicki Davis.
The Kindle Kids Corner is now on Facebook for those who want to follow the book reviews being written by our middle school and elementary school. So far, we have the sixth grade writing reviews for the renowed Stephen Windwalker's Kids Kindle blog. Using inkjet money, Boston Butt money, and donations as well as a donation from Windwalker - we now have five Kindles (3 in service and 2 ordered.)

If you are on Facebook you can "like" this page and get the reviews sent to your wall when they post.

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