Flipboard has Made iPad Irresistable: Order Now Japanese Earthquake may limit parts

It is official. I'm officially asking for an iPad for my birthday. Flipboard is the killer app that has pushed my hand.

I spent the morning setting this up for Mom and Dad.

I was curious because now over 5% of my traffic from this blog is being read on Flipboard.

I see why it is the #1 ipad app. Amazing.

I've explored the Flipboard alternatives and the bottom line is that there aren't any. Nothing comes close.

Just take a look at what this does with my school news blog!

I've been an iTouch fan for a long time. Because I have a mi-fi card, I'll definitely just get the wi-fi version. 

Bottom line is that Flipboard makes the iPad irresistable, particularly for content producers, executives, principals, and those who need to stay abreast of trends. With the Japanese earthquake perhaps limiting production of the iPad 2, we are ordering today.

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