Upload Whole Folders into Google Docs

Google Docs is increasingly becoming a powerful file management tool with many new ways of uploading. It is very important as you upload more files to use tags and folders (color coding is great) to keep things organized.

  1. Folder Upload lets you upload whole folders to Google Docs.
  2. Optical Character Recognition option for images. This means that the text in your images will become searchable but also editable. So, that old letter your school uses from 10 years a go doesn't have to be retyped. Tip: Always check OCR converted docs. Sometimes text doesn't convert properly.
  3. Drag and Drop Upload using Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on the PC or Mac.
What Happens if I run out of Space?
Of course, Google is selling additional space for $.25 a GB should you run out of your 1GB of free storage that comes with Google Docs. This still isn't as easy as dropbox but for most purposes for my students it is helpful.

If you use Google Docs or support it, you must follow the Google Doc blog

Recommended Uses
Set up folders of commonly used files at school. But remember, once they are there, if you use Google Apps for domains you can turn them into templates that you share with your school. Templates are very useful and keep people from editing the original.

Teach students to keep a copy of their term paper or other important document backed up in a backup folder on Google Docs.

Google Doc Upload Step by Step Instructions
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