Turn the habit of failure upside down

In his post Turning the habit of self-criticism upside down, Seth Godin says

"What if the habit of the project review meeting was for each person to put their worst foot forward, to identify every item that they learned from? What if we took responsibility as a way of getting more authority next time?"

Recently, Seth has been critical of teachers,  but many of us ARE moving past traditional assessment and academics into the higher order thinking, global collaboration, and technology finesse they need.

Let's turn this around and rephrase.

What if the habit of each semester's grade was for each student to put their worst learning experiences forward and to identify every item they struggled with and what they learned? What if students took responsibility for their own learning gaps as a way to excel and close learning gaps through self-motivated disclosure, study, and dialog?

Harvest seeds of learning from failure and we produce students who reap lifelong benefits.

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