Brian Crosby on WOW2 tonight - learn how he brought a student with leukemia into his classroom via Skype

The amazing Brian Crosby is on WOW2 tonight over at at 9 pm EST. What a great thing to do while grading -- just catch the stream and listen (click on one of the channels.) If you wish to go into the chat, you can click the chat button on the left and ask questions and chat with us!

Brian writes the Learning is Messy blog but we became entranced with his classroom when we saw his work to bring a child who has leukemia back into the classroom via Skype. (See my blog post about it.)

Brian is also using wikis with fourth graders to explore animals and had a recent Visit from Krista McCauliff's mother. Brian works in a district with many low income students and is showing that yes, Web 2 works anywhere to meet very real needs. He is a very good teacher with an upbeat inspirational message.

I hope you'll join us to meet this amazing educator tonight! There are so many of you amazing teachers out there, it is so great that we have a place over at to highlight the work of real teachers and just chat.

Come on over!
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