Encouragement for Teachers

This is just a quick thought to all of you teachers out there who are so busy that you cannot breathe!

It is tough with all of the things that we have on us and so many people misunderstand the teaching profession,

"Oh, I'd love to have my summers off... you teachers don't have to work in the 'real world.'"

To which I respond,

"I've worked in the 'real' world, and I love the classroom, although my hours are MUCH longer, and I make so much less, the work is very rewarding. I feel like teaching is the most noble calling on earth and nothing is more real to me than my precious, wonderful students."

I truly feel that way. Teaching is a noble profession without which the civilized world would have no hope. What we do in our classroom is very important and each of us play a part in the grand scheme of society. Taking time to blog, share, discuss, and be a part of this new educational revolution is also very important.

So, my advice today as I'm a bit bleary eyed from working on my graduation presentation last night until after midnight is this...

Keep on going. Keep up a good attitude. Remember that May will soon be over and you'll be getting nervous about that new class of students in the fall (as all good teachers do.) Enjoy it while it is here... a moment to sit back and say, "You know what, I did a good job this year."

Keep the faith teachers, you make the world go round. Take time to encourage other teachers who may be having a tough time right now.

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