What does your network look like

Christy Tucker has a fascinating analysis of her delicious network, she says:

In this screenshot, Vicki Davis (brightideasguru) is at the top, Wes Fryer (wfryer) is in the lower left, and Will Richardson (willrich) is in the lower right. My network (christyinsdesign) is in the center with the colored lines. Looking at this image, I can see that Wes and Will have several people in common, but Vicki only has one network connection shared with Wes and none in common with Will. I was a little surprised by that; I would have expected a bit more overlap there.

Perhaps there is not as much overlap as we might think!

Just go to Delicious network explorer and type in your username. This is a great answer to the conspiracy theorists as it explores the network in a fascinating way. The graphic did not come out very well but it shows that David Jakes and ChristyInsDesign are very innerconnected -- Hey Jude has some connections with Christy and Danita Russell and I share a few common people with edtechtalk.

This is just a cool place to explore and visualize the networks!

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