Get Joost, get an invite from me when you share!

OK, I'm testing Joost which is a pretty hot commodity. Somehow, they considered me worthy of testing it and thus far it is pretty cool.

I got a notification a bit later that I had 3 invites and gave them out on the WOW2 show a couple of weeks a go. Now, the number has been multiplied greatly and I have 100.

So, to invite you to joost, the way to watch TV on your PC, all you have to do is comment here and share:

1) Your favorite Web 2 tool in the classroom that you are using RIGHT NOW! and (What keeps you "juiced" about Web 2)
2) One thing you do to stay motivated when you have a tough day! (Pardon the pun but how do you stay juiced!)

And then, make sure that your e-mail is in the blogger profile (or contact me and give me your e-mail)

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