Substrate paper? Predictions from students! Wow!

What is going to happen in the future?

This is what the students say on the Horizon project:

From looking at the new ways to buy, read, and sell books are changing it is possible that in the future there will be no more books they will be on the computer or be shown on the wall with projectors or some kind of laser projector. They are coming out with flexible paper it is called a substrate based color electronic paper. The paper might take the place of regular paper and will also help with the global warming epidemic.

These growing technological tools are going to lead to the fact that the demand for specific jobs such as programmers, webmasters, and the likes of "pro-bloggers" are going to be increased dramatically. And blogging has already started to affect the labor market that job opportunities for those who are experienced in blogging are exploding. ( - job search engine, "blogging" search) In addition, with the rising and spreading trend of 'Digital Libraries' and internet databases the main medium of the publication business will most likely shift from paper-back books to 'internet-back' blogs or other new forms of publication.

But there are issues and criticisms rising concerning this rather rampant growth of the internet-based medium of publication. The criticisms that articulate the fact that piracy is under the circumlocution of innovation. That corporations are ignoring the basic rights of intellectual property upon people for new money-making innovations.
This was so well written, I admit it, I googled the text to make sure it was real. It is!

Then, over on Social Networking:

Schools need to teach students how to be "social" and how to be effective collaborators because of the social world they are growing up in. Social Networks will not only change students' social outlook on things, but will help them see different ways to look at education. Using Networking sites in the corporate world gives businesses a running start to new ideas, expand their knowledge, and collaborate with others in the same working field, but that aren't even in the same country.

And over at virtual worlds, they predict:

"Eventually virtual worlds will permeate into every aspect of education. They (virtual worlds and education) will be one - inseparable, impossible to distinguish or differerientate. People will be able to attend a school solely in virtual worlds. Classes, from kindergarten to college, will be able to go inside a whale's stomach or visit ancient Rome, even design entire cities. The possibilities are endless and available. We need only to take advantage of them."

I'm going to tell you that the Virtual Worlds in Education wiki is a must read. It is well researched and I can hardly believe it is written by high school students!

And the vision of the future of mobile phones-- I think they are very accurate.

And I enjoyed Joanna's video about Virtual Worlds. She is from Shanghai and has a great voice for this. Great overview!

Goodnight! It is after 1:30 am. But I had to share these!

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