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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Come over to talk about Training Teachers at EdTechTalk with Pam Shoemaker

Pam Shoemaker is on edtechtalk.com tonight as we talk about training teachers.

Here is the tentative agenda, and as always we will expand this and discuss!

Order of the Evening:
WOW2 Moments --
Cheryl, Sharon, Vicki, Jen

Pam Shoemaker --
Pam's Blog: http://shoemap.edublogs.org
Web 2.0 Usergroup Initiative
8th Grade Moodle - SS Curriculum/Michigan tech proficiency/Michigan high school on-line learning requirement

how many teachers are beginning to use this? when did you start, all things you will probably cover. I am very interested, we are just beginning our moodle over the summer. Any advice, I would welcome it. The moodle will be for all users, not just early adopters.- from Cheryl
Walled Lake Laptop Program: http://walledlake.k12.mi.us/AAL
Staff Development
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