Mid course correction for Horizon

We've found that it is vital to have mid course corrections in big projects like horizon. In such a project 100% participation from all students is the objective and it takes a lot of one on one coaching to get that done!

But what if one or two still hang on after this bit, this is what we are doing, and honestly, I think it is a great idea because it is VERY reflective of what I saw in the business world.

We posted this on the class announcements page today:

Collaborative projects in the real world often require a "mid course correction" based on current circumstances on the project. This is your opportunity to make such a mid course correction. You have until sunset on Sunday (this is the horizon project, after all) to combine any two of your impact wikis. All topics must still be covered and you must link to the "old" wiki so that information (edits and discussions -- evidence of collaboration) will be preserved. This will allow you to put together effectively functioning teams so that your objective is achieved: a complete research project on your trend.

Meanwhile, horizon has taken a big chunk of my blogging time as has senior slide show and efolios.

However, today as I had Jimmy Buffet on my radio and the wind in my hair driving to the JV track meet for my son, I felt truly free.

I sacrifice a lot to be at the school with my children and yet, though my pocketbook suffers, I am rich, and I am free. I am free to be there for my children at the most pivotal moments of life. I am supported by great administrators and free to innovate and push my classroom to the limits. I am free to blog and share with you. I am free to meet the best that education has to offer.

I am free to enjoy each moment for truly a GREAT teaching job is freedom. (Likewise, a terrible situation is a prison. Been there!)

So, for now, I am free. Enjoying the wind in my hair and the horizon in my eyes. I wish more teachers felt this free!

Oh, such joy is mine,
for to teach
tis joy sublime!

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