Karl Fish's SHIFT HAPPENS presentation wins "Best Presentation in the World"

Interesting thing here -- I've congratulated the wrong person -- the creator as seen in the comments is Jbrenamen. It looks like he did a remix.

I think some interesting conversations will happen about this one!

Congratulations to Karl Fisch who is adding to his growing list of awards with his SlideShare presentation Shift Happens. (Hat tip for this info to Jose Luis Cabello via twitter.)

Slideshare has named this presentation "World's Best Presentation!" Congratulations, Karl John?! Here is the presentation, see for yourself!

Remember, the great thing about slideshare is that you can go over there and comment on any individual slide!

And Karl John wins an Alienware laptop! Supercool!

Connecting us all!

And isn't this an amazing world that let's a person from Centennial, Colorado ? can contribute in such an amazing way. (Or in Camilla, Georgia or all of these other remote places -- I often wonder if much of the innovation happening is because now we can tap into the resources and intellect of many of us who are in rural locations and have been "excluded by location.")

Karl's Horizon Keynote

Great thing about Karl is that he's super nice. He recently delivered the keynote address for the horizon project.

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