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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Virtual Worlds Videos from the Horizon

This is the video from the Virtual Worlds project manager, Collin, and co-stars his partners in this project:

I also love Andrew S's vision of the future with virtual worlds which he animated in Flash/ Movie Maker.

What a fascinating project! I've learned so much from all of the students and look forward to sharing many videos with you from all classrooms. I share these first just because I watched them being made!

This next is where you go if you want to understand the gaming world and virtual worlds and how they tend to become a part of your life. This student was actually the overlord of a "clan" in Halo for a period of time that was the top in the world. The video of Halo was of him playing the game and was shot by a member of his clan! Fascinating! This was the key to unlocking his interest in this project!

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