4 Ways to Build Relationships That Matter

Charles "Chuck" Poole shares how to build relationships that matter. While content and passion for our content and the craft of teaching are all essential parts of teaching that cannot be dismissed - relationships with students are also in the mix as an essential part of reaching today's students. We can do this! Let's listen, learn, and apply this in our classrooms!

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Select a colleague or student and intentionally work this week to build a relationship with that person using something you learned in this show. Remember -- we can listen but we don't learn until we DO something with it.

Charles Poole - Bio as Submitted

Chuck Poole is a veteran teacher of nearly 20 years who has made it his mission to inspire and encourage teachers all over the world to be the best they can be. He is the visionary behind http://www.teachonomy.com/, a podcaster, the author of "uNforgettable: Your Roadmap to Being the Teacher They Never Forget," and the host of the upcoming virtual Teacher Success Summit (http://www.teachersuccesssummit.com/). Chuck lives in New Jersey with his wife and enjoys mentoring, creating laughter in the classroom, and the continued pursuit of his next adventure.
Twitter: @cpoole27
Instagram: @teachonomy
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