Effective Grouping Strategies in the Classroom

Today, you’ll get advice for creating grouping strategies for your classroom from an expert teacher and author on the subject. Barry Hoonan, author of What Are You Grouping For? (Grades 3-8 - how to Guide Small Groups Based on Readers, Not the Book)helps us understand how to start our school year with a plan for grouping students in reading groups that works.


Your challenge today is to plan several ways you can make groups 1 – Try thought partners 2 – If you have a student survey for reading, call them over to your desk and discuss but use Barry’s technique of “and what else”

For your bonus material today, I’ve shared my quick way of making groups using cardstock, a marker, and laminator. Check out “A Quick Way to Make Groups” at coolcatteacher.com/groups.

Barry Hoonan - Bio As Submitted

Barry Hoonan has received NCTE's Middle School Teacher of Excellence award and he is a three-time Fulbright scholar. He teaches 5th & 6th grade at Odyssey, a multi-age program with the Bainbridge Island School District. 

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