Equity Programs in New York State

Dr. Anael Alston is Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Access, Equity and Community Engagement in the New York State Education Department. He talks about what works to engage young men of color in education and his journey and passion for helping all students engage in school and do their best. If this is your heart's passion, you'll want to hear what Anael has to say.


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Dr. Anael Alston - Bio As Submitted

Born and raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, Dr. Anael Alston “Dr. A” is currently the Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Access, Equity and Community Engagement in the New York State Education Department. In this capacity, he informs educational policy across the state and administers over $200 million dollars to help support students across New York State from pre-Kindergarten through college. Prior to that, he was the Superintendent of Schools for the Hamilton Central School District. As a superintendent, Dr. A distinguished himself as one of the few superintendents across the state to have a 100% graduation rate while moving an agenda that included creating a program that allows international students to pay tuition to attend public school and involving the entire school community in creating a Board-adopted 5-year strategic plan to improve access, opportunity, and fiscal responsibility to the small rural school district. A recognized leader in the field, this year Dr. A was a main stage featured speaker at MBK Rising!, the inaugural national gathering marking the 5th year anniversary since President Obama launched My Brother’s Keeper.

A former Golden Gloves champion, Dr. A fights for children each day knowing that if not for the battles waged for him as a child, he would not be where he is today.

Twitter: @DrAAlston

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