What Every Teacher Needs to Know About Teen Dating Abuse


One in four teens will experience teen dating abuse. Teen dating abuse is on the rise and is being compounded by the pressure on teens to portray a "perfect relationship" on social media. So, when a teen admits what is happening, sometimes people don't believe her or him. Today Ashley Bendiksen talks about teen dating abuse including the surprising signs and what teachers and administrators should know.

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Ashley Bendiksen - Bio As Submitted

Ashley Bendiksen is a nationally acclaimed motivational speaker, award-winning activist, and prevention educator for youth and schools. She combines heartfelt personal storytelling, with education and practical strategies students and schools can implement. Ashley's programs are especially critical for today's teens, addressing the high prevalence of unhealthy dating relationships and social pressures, and their impact on student well-being, mental health, academic focus, and future success.

Ashley's work is derived from her personal experience as a survivor of dating violence, sexual assault, and severe peer bullying as a teen. This resulted in damaging personal struggles and secondary consequences and even forced her to become homeless and a college drop out. Defying all odds, Ashley returned to school and graduated as Valedictorian of Salve Regina University with a B.A. in Administration of Justice. She became an activist, community leader, and nonprofit founder, and built an accomplished career in both the criminal justice and communications fields. Today, Ashley has been widely recognized for her work pioneering change in the areas of domestic violence and sexual assault prevention, youth leadership, and women's empowerment. As an activist, she has held positions of leadership within major nonprofits, in addition to founding her own social change initiatives. This includes her present work as Founder of the Blue Hearts Project, a storytelling platform for survivors run in part by student advisors and the SouthCoast Women's Network. She is also a speaker with the international organization, Difference Makers #10Strong, is a Certified Life Empowerment Coach mentoring survivors, and will debut her true life podcast, Brave, in August 2019.

Access Ashley's free e-book for educators, plus added resources at www.ashleybendiksen.com/teachers

To book Ashley to speak at your school, or to learn more visit www.ashleybendiksen.com

To anonymously share your survivor story with others who may feel alone, visit www.blueheartsproject.com

Connect with Ashley online at @ashleybendiksen or by searching "Ashley Bendiksen" on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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