5 Ways to Curate Texts That Inspire Readers

Students need to be surrounded by books that inspire them to read and rejoice in books. But how do we curate those texts to inspire our readers? Julie Wright gives practical advice for librarians and all of us teachers (including me) who like to surround students with rich texts that inspire reading.


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Today's Challenge

Use this episode as a conversation starter about ensuring that all students are engaged in their education.

Also, check out "Build Your Stack: Short Texts, Big Engagement" by Julie.

Julie Wright - Bio As Submitted

With over twenty-five years of experience in rural, suburban, and urban settings. She is the co-author of What Are You Grouping For?, Grades 3-8: How to Guide Small Groups Based on Readers—Not the Book (Corwin, 2019.) She is currently working on a new book focused on the power of using short texts, to be released later this year by Benchmark Education.

Website: www.juliewrightconsulting.com

Twitter: @juliewright4444

YouTube: What Are You Grouping For? Webinar

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