Opportunities for Genuine Student Leadership

Students need real leadership opportunities - not just running a note to the office or other tasks that may be called "leadership" but really aren't. Adam Welcome, co-author of Empower our Girls: Opening the Door for Girls to Achieve More


After listening to today’s show, I think you will take one of two challenges:

1 - Give students a genuine way to lead in your classroom. 

2 - Have a conversation with a colleague about student leadership and how your school is nurturing it and what you can do to improve student leadership opportunities.

Adam Welcome - Bio As Submitted

Adam has been a teacher, Principal, Director of Innovation for a district with 35,000 students and enjoys pushing the envelope to always do what's best for kids!

Adam was Principal of the Year for his region, a 20 To Watch for the National School Board Association, guest blogger for EdWeek, NAESP magazine, and many other publications. Adam also consults and works with many education companies as a way to improve their product for others!

Adam is passionate about technology integration with all educators and a huge advocate of social media and connecting with other educators from across the country. Adam makes it clear that kids come first and has preached the message of Team Kid for many years.

He is also the co-founder of Kids Deserve It with Todd Nesloney and the author of Run Like a Pirate.  He is co-author of Empower our Girls: Opening the Door for Girls to Achieve More.

Adam has an amazing wife (Stacy) and two young children (Greta and Tilden) that keep life at home exciting and active. Adam also loves to run and has completed 22 marathons.

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