5 Ways to Step Back from Burnout

 In the high-stress, fast-paced job of teaching - burnout can happen to anyone. In today's show, we talk about recognizing burnout, how to get help, and steps to tackle it when it happens. Amber Harper, an expert on the topic of burnout, discusses what we can do to help ourselves be our best for our students and families.


Challenge: Take the burnout quiz.

Amber Harper - Bio As Submitted

Amber is a Google Certified Trainer and Innovator and her mission is to help teachers beat burnout by helping them to activate their own self-empowerment. As a former elementary teacher, she knows how challenging the education profession can be and offers support for teachers struggling with burnout through her podcast, website, and free Facebook Group.

Blog: www.burnedinteacher.com

Twitter: @burnedinteacher

- Free Teacher Burnout Quiz: www.burnedinteacher.com/burnoutquiz
- The Burned-In Teacher Training eBook: bit.ly/burnedinbook
- Burned-In Teacher Training Course: https://www.burnedinteacher.com/workwithme

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