The Human Side of Change in Education

Change has a human component. In fact, without helping people change - there isn't any change. Today, Julie Wilson, author of The Human Side of Changing Education shares how we can supercharge change by helping people become part of it.

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Julie Wilson - Bio as Submitted

Julie is a coach and advisor to school leaders, educational institutions, and foundations whose mission is to shape the future of K-12 education. She has over fifteen years' experience building effective learning environments that unlock human potential and enable organizational culture to adapt and grow during times of change. She graduated from Harvard's Graduate School of Education with a master's degree in technology, innovation, and education, and a bachelor's of arts in business administration and French from Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She's the author of The Human Side of Changing Education: How to Lead Change with Clarity, Conviction, and Courage. Julie loves to learn and is also a mom to Theodore (aka Teddy Bear) - her biggest teacher yet.

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