Breakout EDU in Adult PD and College Education

 BreakoutEDU is a box with locks that also can be a great educational experience. In today's show, Lucy Manley shares how breakout boxes are becoming an exciting part of her college's educational experiences including Freshmen orientation.

Today, your Podcast PD challenge is to create a breakout EDU experience with your students. I’ve written a post to give you 5 ideas for bringing breakout EDU into your classroom along with free links to free Breakout edu digital games and more. Today’s challenge is to create one breakout edu experience for your students and to share what you did with at least one colleague. Go to for 5 Ideas to bring Breakout EDU to your classroom. And as always, tweet or message me on social media to let me know what you did!

Lucy Manley - Bio As Submitted

Lucy Manley serves as the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Garrett College. In addition to her administrative responsibilities, Lucy teaches first-year writing.

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