Congratulations Beth Kanter: MVP for the Non Profit Technology community

Beth Kanter has just won the NTEN prize given to the most valuable member of the nonprofit technology community.

The great thing about Beth is that although she does great blogging, she does a lot of connecting and behind the scenes work that makes things just go better.

Here is a case in point, two weeks a go I was literally on the wow 2 show over at edtechtalk and beth e-mailed me to let me know about Andy Carvin naming March 30 Stop Cyber Bullying day. Yes, I read blogs, but sometimes these e-mail prods get me going. (She sends them to me at the right time -- never sending FWD's!!! but REAL e-mails just to ME! I want to be like that -- networking for good!)

She does things like this all the time. In fact, she got me on Twitter and that is how I found out about her getting the award.

If you sign up for twitter, let me know I'd love to follow you!

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