Great video from a new Professional Networking Place: Stop Cyberbullying!

I've been spending some time over at the Stop Cyberbullying Ning Network -- I hope you'll join.

Turned up this great video that I am going to use as a discussion starter in class. It is just striking enough to make kids think.

Also, I'm not sure a lot of us (myself included) "get" the social networking thing yet. But remember this, it is about the ratings and discussions.

I really am beginning to believe we should get rid of the term "social" networking because instead we should use the term:

  • Professional networking - When we are networking to learn more and improve our professional careers.
  • Student networking - When we are a student and are networking to learn more.

I really think these two terms are more descriptive than social networking and also, in order to get things unblocked, we need to create additional categories for the filtration folks. If we persist in using the term "social" I believe we will continue to have blocking problems.

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