Highlights from Horizon

Some of the highlights from the discussion areas of the horizon wiki. These students take initiative, listen to this from Cannelle in Bangladesh:

hay, we did not have a class today and this is the first day of the weekend, with saisa starting, so i havent been able to come onto the wiki properly and as much as i can. but tomorrow i'll finish it all of.

You were put in groups alreayd from the beginning. but since i see that Trey, Omar and knesia want to do education i decided to change the groups so that everyone is happy to work on their topic. because i belive that its important to be motivated by something you like to do. so there's the final list. ;-)


That's true. I think we've got the hardest topic to work on. So the resources can be found from the introduction page. i think this is something we're going to have to write predictions for.

or from Casey to her group analzying social networking and its impact on education

make sure you incorporate what parents need to know...

and address the issue of online safety.


haha. i know some kids at my school with them...lol, but anyway, invent some ways. you don't have to necessarily emphasize on myspace and facebook, but the tools used that make them so engaging to use. for example, look for an artwork type website that people can use and comment on each other likes flickr.com, but drawing. check out these websites to help you get started:

(the guy who did this, mr. darren Kuropatwa, was actually a judge for our flat classroom project. perhaps you could contact him and talk to him about it.

or Charlie

im guessing this project is centered on the collaboration of work and so i think we should both write some portions of this topic...Moreover this is a topic that resources are very very limited, i dont know what you think give me some feeed back

or Ji Seong

Hey Sabbab!
I'm Ji Seong ('Seong' is just part of my first name lol) from Shanghai American School, ... I like to move to Art and Entertainment trend, since that was my first choice. If it is ok with you, can I work on that trend instead of Education trend? I believe Nelson is interested in that field.
I like the conversations, we've had almost 200 discussions and over 200 edits in the first few days of the project. Beth Ritter-Guth's class stopped by and gave us some links over at Social Networking.

If you want to be a sounding board, please contact us! It will take one day of class!

We are still working on connecting the students. But when the connections begin happening, that is when the amazing learning starts taking place. I love these conversations!

Note: We allow IM speak in the discussion areas, but not on the main wiki pages. Discussion areas are where they talk behind the main wiki page.

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