Use Grazr to Give Non-RSS Reading People the Feeds they need from your website

From the Horizon Project Ning (our behind the scenes place to share) I am sharing SOME of my posts here as well.

OK, call me a geek. "OK, I"m a geek." As a part programmer/entreprenuer from the 90's and a graduate of Georgia Tech, programming is something I do.

Ran up against this really cool tool called Grazr that lets you do cool things with your feeds like I did on the Horizon news page.

OK, so how did I do it?

1) I pulled all of the feeds I wanted into my bloglines account and put it in the first folder called "horizon."

2) Then, I exported the subscriptions to an OPML feed and saved it onto my hard drive.

3) Then, I opened it in Notepad and deleted out all of the feeds I didn't want (careful to preserve the two ending tags there) and changed the title to Horizon project Feeds... (the thing you see in the title.) and resaved it.

4) I opened an account at grazr, uploaded the file and put in the information. I also created a "widget" which gives me the code to paste it on the blog or the wiki. I put a grazr button on the wiki, and used the little TV button on the toolbar to insert the full grazr like I have done on the news page for the students.

It is a fascinating tool that helps teach about RSS and feeds and tags. It is also something you can do to set up feed reading for those who don't want to set up a reader (like your teachers.)

If you need help or I haven't made it super clear, let me know and I'll clarify in this blog post!

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