What my students are talking about on youtube this week

Interestingly, people now gather around the water cooler and talk about things like "What they saw on youtube last night."

Friday was the day of prom and I caught a couple of these "water cooler" discussions. This is what my students are talking about on youtube. (And here shows the power of social networking, that of rating and commenting that allows these videos to rise to the top!)

The treadmill guys:

This group dances on treadmills. If you stick it out into the first few minutes -- it looks like they are skating! They have 8 treadmills (and too much time!)

The kitty cat water bill:

A guy was trying to figure out why his water bill was so high. His cat continued to flush the toilet. It is so funny!

Just thought you might want to see something to make you laugh! What are your favorites?

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