Replace distrust and disability with accountability and ability!

I am often perplexed how teachers begin using a resource and suddenly find it blocked.

In the discussion forum, I asked people in the Stop Cyberbullying Network to share what they did to commemorate stop cyberbullying day.

Here was part of what Jeff Mason had to say:

"#1. We had access in the morning classes to the Cyber Bullying Project video shared by Durff. By mid-day it had been blocked and I could not devise a work-around. We still had discussion . Then, in defiance of bullies everywhere, we worked collaboratively on our first class wiki project. It is primitive, but it is a work in progress. The page is titled DNA and can be found at"

By mid day it had been blocked!

This is the same thing that Jeanne Simpson saw with her wiki work with Chris Harbeck. She had to move to three different wiki sites until she found one that somehow the "filter gods" would allow through. (Listen to her talk about it on the WOW2 show.)

Here we have two classroom teachers with legitimate uses of tools, and they are forced to stop their lesson plans and take another approach! How can teachers plan when the unknown "filter gods" shoot their thunderbolt into everything they are doing!

(Is the filter god looking at what is being done or just seeing traffic and thinking "tsk tsk, those irresponsible teachers are at it again!?")

So, what should School 2.0 include?

It should include accountability and ability!

Ability to unblock things and accountability for what is done in the classroom.

Right now I see a lot of distrust and disability.

George Siemens is on WOW2 tomorrow!
And although I am on vacation, my WOW2 buddies will have George Siemens on tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 9 pm EST. Go over to edtechtalk -- it will be great!

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