Horizon Rubric: Give your input!

Julie Lindsay has had a lot of help looking at the Horizon Rubric from Paul Fairbrother who is the online learning coordinator from the IBO (international baccalaureate organization). This after the advisors, teachers, and many others who are participating in the project have also given feedback. (Including Terry Freedman and our other flat classroom judges who spent an incredible amount of time.)

Probably 80 hours has been spent on this rubric with the goal being to get one rubric for all five classes.

We are... close. (Lee Baber and her NETS certified associates are also taking a look at it as well.) Stop by and comment on the discussion tab of the rubric or leave a comment here as we make the final edits today.


Something very incredible is beginning to happen in the edublogosphere... it is growing to include educators who don't blog. It is growing to include the offline network. It is growing and people are mobilizing to work together not just talk together. It is not just happening here but many of us are seeing it everywhere!

We are part of something and a cause! Thank you for those of you who are contributing to this small piece. Off to school!

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