Is this the future of education: the micro PC.

Listening to the Business Week Technology in Review of the FlipStart, I simply had to stop folding laundry and blog.

This little device has a 5 hour battery life and wifi access built in along with a regular keyboard (albeit a little smaller than regular). You can really do just about anything on this little gizmo, write, research, surf.

The drawbacks according to the podcast: the Windows interface design isn't great for anything smaller than a 12" display -- this one has a 5 1/2 inch display however using the zoom feature with web pages seems to be quite nice.

In terms of category, this device sits somewhere in between the Smart Phone and the Laptop Computer.

I think the future will rest in the hand of our students!

However, I still think that such devices will somehow interface via wi fi with full sized projected keyboards (see image) and the super-thin monitors (see image) that could be built literally into student desks.

And yes, that is a real, fujitsu monitor!

OK, back to laundry!

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