K12 Online Conference 2007 - Mark your calendars

Over spring break I listened to a great podcast evaluating the K12 online conference and was excited to hear that they have announced the dates for the conference. Make sure you are a subscriber to the K12 online conference blog to stay up to date!

Remember, that when they call for presenters that if you're doing something cool... apply! Don't wait to be asked! (The organizers are way too busy and don't do that!)

It is a blind review process and I'm already nervous!

My dream: Global Wiki Project
I really would love to run a global scale wiki project for educators (even bigger than the 30 that did it last time!) with the goal of having 100 of us tackle some of the issues in education. I am going to see if I can convince my now good friend Julie Lindsay to help. We'll see what happens!

The dates:

8-12 October 2007 Pre-Conference
15-19 October 2007 Week 1 (Strands 1 and 2)
22-26 October 2007 Week 2 (Strands 3 and 4)
27 October 2007 When Night Falls
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