Brent Williams GAETC notes

I am sitting in the main conference session for #gaetc11 but I lost my notes from the earlier session with Brent Williams. I am going to Pull out the highlights below. This has been done quickly.

They moved to wifi n on entire Kennesaw state campus and he believes it is as good a quality as wired when implemented correctly.

Talked about the nationwide "Whitespace" wifi network that is being created out of the abandoned bandwidth from the migration of tv to digital.

Brent says he thinks android devices have a major problem in k12 because the apps are not being vetted properly on the store.

He talked about the challenges and that parents are either great opponents of the move to ebooks and electronic devices or they want it to get rid of those 60 pound book bags.

Says a rumor going around that a 7" idevice in march around $250. Didn't say source of rumors.

He says every student should have an iPad if he has his wish. Says windows 2008 SP2 is client of choice for virtualization and stability. iPads can run virtualized copy of office on iPads this way.

I will come back to this but now moving to next presenter.

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