Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 11/09/2011

  • I love how Nathan Gray (@maccprincipal on Twitter) shares small, short snippets of what he is thinking and what he wants for his school. Whatever your thoughts are about what he shares here, this is a great example for principals to see. This principal shares about once every two months a small paragraph or two about what he is thinking and what he wants for the school. It is enough that I could read it and get a feel for who he is as a person. If a parent needs to interview anyone for a school it is the principal. So much flows from the front office into the classroom. Great best practice.

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  • I was so touched by this post by teacher Melanie Boyd (@beyondroom108 on Twitter.) She makes such a good point. There are many who pray. But often it bothers me when people say, "I'm praying for you" and you know they'll move on and forget and do nothing. Here she talks about "praying with your feet" inspired from a breast cancer walk she did in September. I want to act more and do more and reach more too. I don't just want to give lip service but feet and hand service to those I love and even those I don't. I heard a great quote tonight from Joyce Meyer, "give away what you wish you'd get yourself and you'll get it." Love. Encouragement. Hope. These are all things we can do for others. Let's be more than talkers but doers.

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  • I spent some time with Alan Levine this past week. (He writes the cog dog blog and is an amazing blogger about new technology.) He came by my classroom and showed storybox and my students got to meet him. I'm going to have to get Alan to map his travels because my students keep asking "Where's Mr. Alan now?" They were captivated with this travels. This post includes a little of the personal side of me and the things I like to show people who come down:the cat fish pond, the alligator farm, and of course, my students. It also includes a recording of me talking about some things with Alan as well. 

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  • I've uploaded the portfolio assignment that I use for my one semester 8th grade keyboarding class. It includes movie making, self creation of rubrics, MLA paper writing, memos, block letters, blogging, and an efolio component along with QR Codes. I wanted to share this but also was testing the functionality of the site for sharing resources. Hope you'll share. (Note: KS3 in the UK means grades 7-9 - the site will be adding US grade levels soon.)

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  • Discussions of propaganda are great ones to have. Here you can see quite an assortment of World War 2 propaganda. Right now in the UK they are observing remembrance day so a lot of resources are being shared that we can use on this topic. It would be interesting to have students look for modern day propaganda? How about looking at US elections - do we have propaganda there? Just discussing that topic would be interesting.

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  • I love this story from Donna Roman about her students Skyping with students in another classroom. it was very powerful. This is through iEARN but she is also connecting through Flat Classroom. Great teachers connect in many ways to many places. Wow. Love it.

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  • I heard Tina Meier speak at our school yesterday. The mother of Mega Meier, the child who killed herself after an adult pretending to be a teenager on myspace concocted a vicious cyberbullying attack on her, Tina is a powerful, poised speaker. Our local teen resource center brought her in to speak to all of the schools in our area. I highly recommend her as a great speaker. If you're having problems, give her a call.She relaates to the kids in a very non preachy way. This is an important story for students to hear about as well.

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  • Here are some great antibullying resources to share with your school. If you're looking for some fresh ideas, I think there are some good ones here. These are taking from anti bullying week which runs the week of November 14-18 in the UK. It is good to look at resources from different countries on this important topic. We need to mix things up so we don't stay stagnant in our approach.

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  • History teachers will like these resources for showing what it was like for children to live in the second world war. There are 12 lesson plans and quite a few resources that go with it.

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