Flat Classroom is 5 years old today! Join the celebration! #flatclass

Today, November 22 is a big day in my life. The birthday of something big for me and for others who have joined into this.

There are days that change everything. Wedding days. Birthdays. Well, for me, this is a very special birthday: the birth of Flat Classroom (tm) projects.

Today was the day we created our first Flat Classroom wiki, five years a go in 2006. So many things have happened since then.

But today, we're getting together for a little drop in birthday party and have a few announcements about our future direction with things in light of our book (Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds) coming out in January. (Available on Amazon - it has kind of been cool to see a few days a go it broke one of the 200K top selling books on Amazon - don't know how many are listed but it was cool nonetheless since it hasn't been released yet. You can preorder now to get it in time for our global book club that will kick off February 1.)

For those who have been involved as a judge, teacher, student, or expert advisor we invite you to share your Flat Classroom memory on our Voicethread.  We're also posting memorabilia and you can expect our video to be released next week in K12 online to include some of our past keynoters and students as we talk about leading ahead in flat world education.

Drop by and see us at 5pm in our Blackboard Collaborate room for about 30 minutes of memories, awards for those who have participated so faithfully, and some announcements about where we are heading..

Thank you to all of you who read my blog and support the many Flat Classroom projects. You are the heroes that make it possible for these projects to happen. You also are part of this story as I wrote in October's post I don't wanna die with this music in me.

Thank you all for what you've done over the years. Every tweet, blog, and share helps global projects grow.

Here is our video from our Qatar conference in 2009 which gives a great explanation of who and what we are. We have ASB Unplugged happening in February in India. Join us!

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