Tammy Worcester's Notes from #gaetc11

Notes from Tammy Worcester at #gaetc11 - my quick notes. (Are you having fun traveling with me?)

Before the session started she asked for us to go to http://artpad.art.com/artpad/painter/ 

She's talking about blogger activities for students. She is showing how you can use for individual tools. You can only create 100 blogs and then they cut you off. She's about to demo how to create a blog. Demonstrating how you can do this with students.

She's talking about captca codes required to setup and that this is often the hardest step for teachers. That is true.

Demoing the settings area and go into the option at the left that says mobile and email. set up an email address that will let people post to my blog using email. Now there are options.

Then kids can post to the one blog if they have an email. Can also use their parent's email. Send photos to it. Just set this to "draft" if you do it.

Google maps discussion

3D view - can show helicopter path.
Talking about setting up my places and letting people create their maps.
All the places they've ever lived.
The students had to pretend they were part of a rock band and create a "rock star tour" and say what would do at each location. Do research on each location. I like how they did the icons and had them different.

map skills to mark things in neighborhood of the school. Zoom in and let them mark things in their hometown.

Tornado story- put the story on the map - different chapters on each- put chapters on each location.
Use www.scribblemaps.com  if you don't have access to google maps - can mark up a google map without having an account at all.

You can have students to:
What state would you choose, rock star tour, map story, community map, follow flat stanley, collaborative maps.
(I think every Geography teacher should be using google maps or scribble maps in their classroom.)

Google Spreadsheets and forms
Create a new google form.
Demoing basic forms for teachers. 
Many teachers don't get the right link - the black link at the bottom not the top link.

Showing teachers tinyurl.com -- it is nice

Showing the pie graphics. 87 of us have done this. 
She is going to copy the 4 heads and drag down until have all the information submitted so far and copy that data.
www.batchgeo.com lets you do the mapping of the data from the survey and paste in the data to create a free map. Collect data in a google spreadsheet and then paste it into that place.

NOw copying all of the words to describe GAETC (had us all type them in lowercase) - paste the words into www.wordle.net create collaborative wordcloud using the words they gave you on the google form.

tagxedo - lets you create wordclouds but lets you put them in shapes.

I tweeted out for extra people to submit Tammy's form (she has over 100 who submitted ( a lot in the room, certainly but it was fun to see them in!)

GAETC QuizBowl form.  Needs 2 questions. Question for name and question for answer.

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