Holiday Ponderings from a Panting Mom

The holidays arrive
and I wonder how I'll survive.
So many things to do
how will I every get through?

Grading period ending
and holidays are pending.
Red rover, red rover, send her right over
right over the top pushing up clover!

Mom of three
teacher of many
I'll take some holiday cheer
if you've got any.

But, I must stand back and look
these times are too short.
Life is so fleeting
and life's not a sport.

In three years,
I'll have two off at school
my house will seem empty
and the car will be cool.

I will take time to enjoy the time
where life is just nuts
the joy's in the busyness
and there are no ruts.

Though I often long for a moment
to breathe and be me
it is best if I take the time
to see the joy under my tree.

Christmas started with a Person
and it continues with four more
my biggest present is their presence
coming through my door.

Family is the present
their laughter is my bow
I'll rejoice they are with me
and enjoy the holiday's glow.

Photo credit:
Big Stock Christmas Tree Cutting Family

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