Simple Online Presenting

Online presentations are a totally different genre than face to face. When I go in a room to hear a presentation and the first 20 minutes is muffed up with scuffles, guffaws, and wrestling with the online room it makes me angry. With Flat Classroom and NetGen we take students in online classrooms all the time and it can be done. Sure, students "misbehave" and there are things you have to do to teach them to be successful online. This presentation is the result of the last 5 years of online presenting. I'm certainly not perfect and am still learning but here is what I have to share. I shared this at #globaled11 going on this week! Great conference. See the other presentations happening this week. (Julie and I are presenting about Flat Classroom Friday morning at 6 am Eastern - I shared the calendars with links in an earlier post.)Simple Online Presenting
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Online presenting doesn't happen by accident. It is intentional and even audience members are a vital part of this learning ecosystem. There are a whole new set of challenges where you cannot see the faces of those you are talking to.

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